The Official Ready-to-Drink Cocktail for Dog Lovers

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Bottoms Up Cocktails, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, produces crisp and refreshingly delicious premium Ready-To-Drink, pre-mixed cocktails, each with their own sense of style and taste. The innovators behind Bottoms Up Cocktails worked tirelessly to develop quality cocktails to meet the needs of “people on the go.” These cocktails were not only expertly crafted, but crafted to be convenient for busy lifestyles.

We prepare our Classic line of Ready-To-Drink cocktails using five-times Distilled Vodka, Premium Tequila with Agave Spirits, and Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Every batch is made with quality ingredients and inspired by small batch craftsmanship.

With the pace of life today, it is important for us to develop ultra-premium cocktails that are “Ready To Go As You Are.”

Learn more about Founder and CEO, Betty “Lily” Spining, here.

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Our Cocktails

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Our premium ready-to-drink cocktails offer convenience and taste, perfect for active and social drinkers looking for a light, refreshing alternative to wine or beer. Our spirit-based cocktails come in 200mL plastic bottles with their own beautiful custom 4-pack carton to showcase the product.

Classic Margarita

Pre-mixed, ready-to-drink, classic margarita


For generations, the Classic Margarita has been wildly popular thanks to its distinctive blend of sweet and sour flavor features. We couldn’t imagine producing our line of cocktails without one! The quality ingredients create a smooth and delicious cocktail with the perfect balance of premium Tequila, lime, orange liqueur flavor and agave spirit. Pour over ice for a refreshing beverage to enjoy on a sunny day by the pool or on the links with friends.

220 Calories

Whiskey Sour

Pre-mixed, ready-to-drink, classic whiskey sour


There’s nothing sweeter than the first sip of a Whiskey Sour. We’ve found an innovative way to craft this yummy cocktail using premium Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey along with syrup and lime flavor. The flavor can be described in a similar fashion to Hemingway’s writing style: refreshing, yet action packed. Garnish with the signature cherry and orange slice, and savor every sip.

110 Calories

Raspberry Lemonade (with Vodka)

Pre-mixed, ready-to-drink, classic raspberry lemonade with vodka


Our Raspberry Lemonade can be classified as a divine sip of pink goodness reminiscent of a porch swing kind of afternoon. This delicious and easy-to-drink lemonade cocktail is a hit with any age group and is sure to bring happiness whether sipping alone or with friends. So pour a glass, kick up your feet and find a sunny spot. It will brighten your day. Guaranteed.

180 Calories

Moscow Mule

Pre-mixed, ready-to-drink, classic moscow mule


The Moscow Mule is a favorite cocktail of drinkers across the globe. Even though it only has three ingredients, the complexities and harmonies of its ingredients brings delectable flavors to unsuspecting taste buds. With lime flavor, premium Vodka and the perfect dose of ginger, the Moscow Mule is a tasty cocktail. Shake twice and pour over a full glass of ice.

190 Calories

Tom Collins

Pre-mixed, ready-to-drink, classic tom collins


The Tom Collins has immortalized itself into one of the most iconic gin cocktails. It’s simplicity is just one reason why the Tom Collins has long been a staple for so many cocktail connoisseurs. Made with premium Vodka, juniper berry [Gin’s main ingredient], and a dash of cane sugar, our Tom Collins is formulated from the highest quality ingredients. Add a lemon slice for a perfectly refreshing way to end your day.

180 Calories

Classic Bloody Mary

Pre-mixed, ready-to-drink, classic bloody mary


A truly great Bloody Mary is hard to come by, but we believe we’ve done it! Starting with the highest quality tomatoes from Northern California then adding in premium Vodka, dill pickle puree, lime juice, salt, pepper and a touch of Worcestershire sauce makes for our perfect Bloody Mary. Our unique twist on the classic Bloody Mary brings a burst of flavor with a kick. Throw in your favorite garnish to brighten even the toughest of mornings.

120 Calories

Our Agave Wine-Based Margaritas

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Agave Wine Margaritas

Pre-mixed, ready-to-drink, classic tom collins

The Tequila Alternative

Available in Classic Lime, Strawberry, and Paloma.

We produce crisp and refreshingly delicious premium Ready-to-Drink Agave Wine Margaritas which come in three (3) flavors:  Classic Lime, Strawberry, and the Paloma…each with their own sense of style and taste

The process to making Agave Wine Margaritas vs. using straight Tequila is similar.  The harvested and cooked agave plants release aguamiel or “honey water” which is then fermented and filtered. At this point, instead of the aguamiel being distilled into tequila, 100% de Agave blanco tequila is added to produce a fine Mexican wine akin to its margarita roots. 100% de Agave on the label ensures the wine is of the highest quality, made with pure Agave plant. Our result is a delicious, perfectly authentic margarita, with 13.9% ABV.

Our Margaritas have the best of ingredients and natural flavors and juices.  (750ml and 1.5L glass bottles).

180 Calories

Our Mixers

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Margarita Mix


Our Classic Margarita Mix has the same flavor profile as our Margarita RTD but without Tequila. Sweet, tart and refreshing, our mix is everything you could want in a Margarita. It’s fun, has familiar ingredients that give it its South of the Border flavor and easily customizable by adding Tequila [if you prefer it that way]! It is perfect for any and all gatherings–big or small. Enjoy this splash of sunshine in a bottle.

Bloody Mary Mix


Bloody Marys often have to be doctored up by adding peppers, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, celery, salt and pepper…the list goes on which seems ridiculous. Why not create a mix that’s good right out of the bottle? We’ve done it! Our mix is inspired by small batch craftsmanship with a flavor that is well balanced and incredibly savory. We did not want too much tomato, and wanted it a little beefy with a hint of spice–not too hot, not too mild. Enjoy this tasty treat with your favorite green veggie as a garnish!


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Amenity Boxes


The stunning Black “Amenity” Boxes exude first class treatment with a delightful food experience and tasty premium ready-to-drink cocktail(s). If you have spent so much time making a guest’s hotel stay and/or a golfer’s tournament experience exceptional, their VIP amenity should be just as exceptional.

Even though our primary goal in creating The Black Box was to elevate the VIP and loyalty amenity programs of the hospitality industry, you do not have to be a hotel or golf club to order. We will proudly serve any customer wanting to provide a unique gift box to their members, guests, and/or participants. We can custom design any of our boxes according to the needs of our customers.

Find Our Products

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Classic Bloody Mary

The Bottoms Up RTD Cocktails are a perfect solution at stadium and concert venues, hotels and golf resorts, wedding receptions, casinos, airlines/airports, cruise lines, conferences, or for just someone who doesn’t want to spend the time, energy, and money it takes to handcraft the perfect classic cocktail.  The convenience of these ready-to-drink premium cocktails give entertainment seekers variety over the beer and wine limitations they usually face in many of these venues.

Bottoms Up Cocktails are now available in Texas Total Wine & More stores and, hopefully, other retailers very soon.  Our new national distributor, Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) and Bottoms UP are working closely to get our brand to market as quickly as possible in all states where compliant. Our products come in cases of 48 singles and 12 4-pack cartons. If you would like to carry Bottoms Up Cocktails, please contact us at 214.632.3355 or at

Click here for our 2023 Sell Sheet.

The Official Ready-to-Drink Cocktail for Dog Lovers

Bottoms Up Cocktails shares the love with the homeless pets at Operation Kindness. Bottoms Up Cocktails is partnering with Operation Kindness, the original and largest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas, to help raise funds for all of the homeless pets they care for each year (approximately 5,000 just in 2018; 105,000 homeless animals saved since 1976).

Bottoms Up Cocktails is donating a percentage of net proceeds from every bottle of Bottoms Up Cocktails sold in Texas. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of homeless pets.

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For more information on how to order product or if you have any questions about our products, please contact Betty “Lily” Spining: